From the County Chair – July 2024

by | Jun 30, 2024 | Message from the Chair, Newsletters

From the Chair: 

We have begun the official start of the General Election Campaign Season!  Many people have asked me how they can get involved to help elect democrats.  While the methods for reaching voters have changed, the strategies of reaching them have not.  We can donate money to candidates, canvass, write postcards, (re)post on social media, and we can phone bank. 

At his point, there isn’t a lot of local phone banking happening, but there is nationally.  We know that we can reach out to our friends at Mobilize to help flip red states blue.  You can sign up for phone banking here.

Right now, we need canvassers to help candidates, please consider doing so now.  There are a lot of voters to reach, and many hands (and feet) make light work.  Not sure who is running where?  Visit this link to see the dedicated people working hard to serve you at the New Mexico Legislature.

Still not sure who to help?  Email me at, and I will connect you with the candidate with the greatest need. 

Canvassing is the most effective way to ask for votes, but it is not possible without donations.  The donations are critical because it takes money to get print materials, signs, mailers, and postage. 

We have the Corrales and Rio Rancho parades on July 4th coming up in just a few days.  Corrales doesn’t allow candy in their parade, so we will be marching and waving to the spectators.  If you would like to join us, please let me know.  The more the merrier!  Please consider dropping off a bag of non-chocolate candy at our headquarters in Corrales for the Rio Rancho parade.  Leftover candy, should there be any, will be finished off at the Sandoval County Fair Parade in Cuba on August 3rd

Stay strong and stay blue.
Alexandria Piland, DPSC Chair






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