Genia Chavez – Why I am a Democrat

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Why I am a Democrat

Being a democrat has been a piece of a three part story that make up my identity-my past, present, and future. My past is largely influenced by stories of my maternal grandfather. He was a Mexican-American veteran who had a hard time keeping his mouth shut in the face of injustice and adversity. Appropriately named Refugio, he instilled several truths I still adhere to today. These ideals frequently coincide with what we, as Democrats, are up against with our opposition.

Presently, I am a special education teacher. This means that if I were to be a Republican, I feel as though I would be aligned with a philosophy and set of beliefs that do not coincide with my purpose as an educator. Working in Rio Rancho, this often puts me in the minority with my colleagues. It’s insanely frustrating to think that so many men and women vote against their own interest, particularly in a field that requires compassion and understanding! The future, in respects to being a Democrat, has everything to do with my children and the world I want for them. A world where basic human rights are observed and preserved in a manner that promotes the growth of humankind in facets of life.

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