How to Help Re-elect Joe Biden and Support New Mexico Democrats

by | Jun 30, 2024 | Feature, Newsletters

Information You Can Use to Win in November! Part One of a Four-Part Series You may know (but we’ll bet your friends and neighbors don’t) how successful President Joe Biden and our Democratic legislators have been. Successful, despite endless obstruction from the Republicans. Starting with this article, we’re going to help you spread the good news about President Biden and Democratic success at the national and local levels. Because, contrary to Republican misinformation and outright lies, the truth is since taking office, Joe Biden has passed legislation that is transforming our lives right now and right here in Sandoval County. Across New Mexico and the country, President Biden and our fellow Democrats are building a better tomorrow for us all. If we want that progress to continue, we’ve got to vote, and we must get others to vote. When talking with family, friends, and neighbors, having factual good news at our fingertips helps us speak confidently. This series will report on subjects that affect our economic and social well-being. Specifically, we will provide talking points on what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to create good paying jobs, reduce the impact of climate change, improve access and affordability to healthcare, and otherwise promote a buoyant economy that serves us all. Today’s focus is on HEALTHCARE, and especially Medicare. Seven (7) Ways Biden Saves New Mexicans Big Bucks on Insurance and Medicare

  1. Over 50,000 low-income hitherto uninsured New Mexican individuals have purchased subsidized low-cost health insurance on the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange. Those benefiting from federal support for low-cost insurance include small businesses and the self-employed. Medicare recipients will see many welcome cost savings.
  1. The estimated 315,000 New Mexicans on Medicare (about 33,000 in Sandoval County) will see dramatic reductions in out-of-pocket payments for expensive drugs. And starting next year, out-of-pocket drug expenses will be capped at $2,000 per year.
  1. 315,000 New Mexicans on Medicare will have no cost-sharing for vaccination.
  1. 23,000 New Mexicans need insulin. Biden’s legislation has capped the cost of insulin at $35 a month.
  1. Medicare will expand eligibility for low-income subsidies to cover drug costs for more beneficiaries, affecting 2,800 low-income New Mexicans.
  1. And drug companies will have to pay a rebate to Medicare if their price increases exceed inflation.
  1. The biggest win: Medicare is already negotiating prices for 10 of the highest costing drugs, resulting in lower costs by 2026. These reductions will also reduce the deficit by $237 billion over 10 years says the Congressional Budget Office.

Biden must win this election so these price negotiations are not cancelled. Remember, drug companies do not like this, and US House Republicans have already proposed a full repeal of the Inflation Reduction Act that fuels these benefits – in 2025. So if Trump wins, he will roll back every single one of these initiatives: No question about that. ☛And by the way, let’s grow our majority in Congress. While she was a member of Congress, Republican Yvette Herrell voted against every piece of Legislation that enabled these investments, even those that passed with bi-partisan support. We have to make sure Gabe Vasquez defeats her and is re-elected in CD2 Watch for more stories in the next DPSC newsletter issues. You’ll get additional material on how Biden is

  • addressing climate change.
  • building our economy with infrastructure funding to create good-paying jobs.
  • expanding broadband infrastructure to our Pueblos and rural New Mexicans.

All of these are good-news stories and should win Biden a second term! Stay tuned.

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