Making A Difference in Sandoval County

by | Oct 10, 2021 | News and Interviews

Sandoval County Treasurer Improves Critical Office to Better Serve Community

By Jennifer Taylor, Sandoval County Treasurer

The first nine months of 2021 have been busy, yet very exciting, as the newly elected Sandoval County Treasurer.

Through my previous experience as the Deputy Treasurer and the experience of our incredible staff, we have created an amazing team to serve our taxpayers and represent our great county.

Moving forward, I will continue to educate and train our staff so that they are cross-trained in every area of our office in the event that we experience another national emergency like COVID-19.


Accomplishments since January 1, 2021

1.  Created a cohesive, welcoming, productive, and relaxed work environment. We are allowing our staff to work flex schedules during non-tax season months to afford them more time with their families and allow them to attend personal appointments.

2.  Worked diligently to buildcollaborative and healthy working relationships across all offices and departments within the county.

3.  Diligently tracked 2021 legislation that may have impacted the Treasurer’s Office, county, and constituents.

4.  Restructured job descriptions within our office to attract and open the pool of qualified candidates.

5. Successfully facilitated six required meetings with the Board of Finance and Sandoval County Investment Committee providing detail, collaboration, and imperative information.

6.  Began the process to implement ACH (Automated Clearing House) in lieu of checks for our monthly distribution to save money for the County and provide convenience for all receiving authorities. This also reduces the risk of check fraud and increases security pertaining to sensitive county bank information.

7.  Changed the monthly Treasurer’s Report to be automatically system generated rather than manually inputted. This eliminates the chance of human error and provides 100 percent transparency.

8.  Advocated for a 2021 stateauction for our top delinquent accounts. We were able to work with the Property Tax Division to schedule a fall auction in late October (details TBD).

9. Successfully completed our first RFP (Request for Proposal) process pertaining to our credit card services (point of sale). The new vendor offers a “shopping cart” to add multiple accounts as a convenient and efficient way to pay property taxes.

10. Organized and participated in a community service project for a Sandoval County family who needed a handicapped accessible ramp for their mobile home.

It is a privilege and honor to serve the Taxpayers and Constituents of Sandoval County with integrity and respect. Thank you for your support!


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