PRESS New Mexico Fights White Supremacy

by | Aug 7, 2021 | News and Interviews

An Interview with Barbara Jordan
By Deb Dapson, President, Sandoval County Federation of Democratic Women


As President of the Sandoval County Federation of Democratic Women, I was privileged to hear Barbara Jordan, leader of PRESS New Mexico, speak. Wanting to dig deeper, I requested an interview.

What does PRESS New Mexico stand for?

PRESS New Mexico stands for People Requiring Equality within Systemic Systems. The term “systemic systems” represents the multiple layers of systems within systems of inequality that we have to deal with. The acronym PRESS was birthed from a slogan I say often, “We must PRESS ON.”

What does PRESS New Mexico do?

PRESS New Mexico addresses all social injustice issues and works to keep the attention on the true and one enemy—
white supremacy ideology.

We strive to take care of our community at the ground level. We have passed out toiletry items and food to our houseless members, distributed emergency blankets during the winter, sponsored multiple programs/events to support our local community, and partnered with ACLU New Mexico to end qualified immunity.

We also sponsor a website, called New Mexico Black Connection, to showcase Black business owners. Please
Barbara Jordan, PRESS New Mexico Founder check it out at

What was your inspiration to start PRESS New Mexico?

The inspiration for PRESS New Mexico came from a need for one organization to just help our oppressed people and fight for what is right. We want to be a safe place for our BIPOC, LGBTQ+, AAPI, and Latinx community, and all those who are affected by white supremacy.

We will win once we all band together and realize that we are what New Mexico and the rest of America look like and that we are the true majority!

What drives you to be a community leader?

I know what it is like to feel helpless, but I also know how to lead and serve others. I grew up experiencing multiple levels of abuse and food insecurity. I was in six different foster homes and eventually ended up running away to the U.S.Air Force with nothing but the clothes I had on. I went on to serve 20 years in the military where I experienced combat and ended up retiring here in New Mexico.

Upon making New Mexico my home, I realized that while we are a minority-majority state, “minorities” often do not have a voice here. Our local government should look like us, but right now it does not. We demand to be seen and heard, and we will demand effective change that includes everyone.

What is the ultimate goal of PRESS New Mexico?

Our ultimate goal is to not be needed. New Mexico has ended qualified immunity and legalized recreational marijuana. We have a unique opportunity to lead the way on what it is like to live as a community in the true sense of the word.

BIPOC, LGBTQ+, AAPI, Latinx, and all other residents of New Mexico deserve a fair opportunity at just being human! This is all we want, a chance to live and be human, to truly live as equals and stop the nonsense division that has kept us from achieving this for so many decades. The time for change is NOW.

Do you believe we have made changes needed for New Mexico?

New Mexico is ready for real change. We have started to change in some areas, but we must PRESS ON. We need statewide accountability for use of force, and we need to keep the newly passed Black Education Act on our radar. We need to demand that our government offices, council members, and school board officials represent the people of New Mexico—that is ALL people from every different background.

Our government should seek out qualified members from all backgrounds so decisions, will be in everyone’s best interest, not that of a select few. We need to stop with the symbolism of change and seek change that will better the lives of New Mexicans everywhere.

What are you working on right now?

We are working with the ACLU to seek statewide account-ability for use of force. We are monitoring the New Mexico Black Education Act to ensure that every school does its due diligence to implement the act’s important changes including seeking out and removing biased members from the public school system. We are also working on a long-term project for our houseless members.

How can people support your efforts?

Please be a leader for change; we can all do this. If you see discrimination, call that person out regardless of where you are or what is going on. You may also donate to us through our website. One hundred percent of our donations are given back to the community. It starts with U.S.!

Thank you for your time. Let’s PRESS ON!

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