Democratic Party of Sandoval County

The mission of the Democratic Party of Sandoval County is to support the Democratic Party by informing and educating Democratic voters in the County.  We support the election of local Democratic candidates who improve opportunities for the people of Sandoval County.

  Land Acknowledgment

We as the Sandoval County Democratic Party recognize that Sandoval County is
located on the ancestral land of the Jicarilla Apache, Navajo (Dine), and Pueblo people.
We honor the Indigenous People who live in present day Sandoval County including the Jemez Pueblo, Cochiti Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo, Santa Ana Pueblo, Kewa Pueblo, Zia Pueblo, Navajo people, and the Apache.
We take this time to acknowledge and affirm that we reside on occupied land. We reside on land from which Indigenous communities were forcibly removed through genocide,
religious inquisition, and ethnic cleansing. We recognize that even today Indigenous People continue to experience inequity, oppression, and ongoing
colonialism.Indigenous People are the original caretakers of the land we occupy. We as the Sandoval County Democratic Party acknowledge and honor our land caretakers and commit to retain and advocate for the traditions and cultural knowledge Indigenous People have practiced since time immemorial.
We understand that with this land acknowledgment, we not only honor the Indigenous People of Sandoval County, we firmly stand by Indigenous communities who work daily to combat systems of oppression, inequity, and racism.

By Leah Ahkee, Enrolled Member of the Navajo Tribe and Aleta “Tweety” Suazo of the Acoma and Laguna Pueblos

Democratic Party of Sandoval County Office

3949 Corrales Road, Suite 110, Corrales, NM 87048

For all written correspondence please contact us at:

Democratic Party of Sandoval County
c/o  Douglas Clark
P.O. Box 723
Corrales, NM   87048

County Officials


Alexandria Piland

First Vice-Chair:

Greg Bennett 

Second Vice-Chair

Aleta “Tweety” Suazo


Judy Gordon


Douglas Clark

Ward Chairs

Ward A – TBA

Ward B – Chris Daul –

Ward C – Christine Suina –

Ward D – Nandini Kuehn –

Ward E – TBA

Ward F –  Michael Barger

Ward G – TBA

Ward H – TBA

Ward I –  George Wilson –

Ward J – Naomi Hatch –

Ward K – TBA

Ward L –  Darryl Manning

Ward M – Jay Bajwa


Other Ward and Precinct Information here.

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