Sustaining Donor Program

Designed to provide a monthly basis for ongoing expenses for the Democratic Party of Sandoval County, the SDP will initially aim for 50 monthly givers at $20 each.  Figured on the basis of an average gift of $15, this will provide a monthly base of $750.  This base will pay for all costs associated with website hosting, zoom calls, Mail Chimp for regular communications, printing (business cards, letterhead, etc.), misc., and office supplies (stamps, printer cartridges, etc.).

Benefits to monthly donors include:

  • Regular communication with short updates, insights, etc.
  • Quarterly information on activities from State Committee members from Sandoval County.



Yes, Enroll me as a Monthly Sustaining Member in the Democratic Party of Sandoval County.  Click on the donate button on this page.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Alexandria Piland, County Chair

Margarita Amiot
James Bergfalk
Anne Brady Romero
Katherine Bruch
Margaret Burgess
Isaac Chavez
Carla and Doug Clark
Steve Conrad
Bert Coxe
Chris Daul
Judy DeAtley
Joey Dominguez
Terry Eisenbart
Marg Elliston
Daymon Ely
Thomas Fallah
Roger Fletcher
Bill Bumgarner
Don Leonard
Jan Marfyak
Barbara Jordan
Deborah Green
Ann Barudin
Sandra Johnson
Gary Sims
George Wilson
Kenneth Brown
Peter Coha
Deb and John Barnum
Jay and Mary Bajwa

George & Lisa Franzen
Barbara Gallegos
Ilean Galloway
Nancy Gloman
Charles Goodmacher
Judy Gordon
Vicki Gottlieb
Sherry Hardage
Fred Harris
Tom & Naomi Hatch
Alexis Jimenez
Ann Kepley
Nandini Kuehn
Linda Lockett
Ed Lovato
Gwendolyn Luna
Brenda McKenna
Karen Miller
David Modl
Heather Balas
Gail Pinkepank
Jean & Bill Potabi
Gary Tripp
Joe Alcorn
John Barnum
Bill Woldman
Karen Muncy
Leah Bbaczkiewicz
Suzanne Bingham

Pam & Mike Neas
Kitty Perez
Sherianne Pierce
Alexandria Piland
Bill Piland
Barbara Romo
Karen Schafer
Delbert Schafer
Ion Sibru
Janet Stokes
Pat & John Stover
Kathleen Cates
Jennifer Taylor
Ruth Tetrev
Arlene Thomas
Jack & Anna Torres
Joel & Merry Wadsworth
Polly Garner
Mitchell Freedman
Linda Gallegos
Chris Spigarelli
Gregory Bennett
Aleta “Tweety” Suazo
Cheryle Casarez
Don Leonard & Donna Wylie
Johanna Smith
Linda Castrone
Pamina Deutsch
Donna Tillman

  Support Sandoval County Democrats With Your Donations

Become a sustaining donor or make a one-time donation. All donations are welcome, regardless of the size or duration!



If you would like to pay by check

Make check payable to:
Democratic Party of Sandoval County

Mail check to:

Treasurer,  Democratic Party of Sandoval County
P.O. Box 723
Corrales, NM 87048

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