Covid – A Personal Experiance

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Editorials and Opinions


My family has experienced a tough, tense week. My niece recently returned to work in the office of a professional design firm, after a few weeks of working from home. She has been careful to wear her mask at work, and to try to maintain social distancing at the office. My niece is in her 20s, and during this pandemic she is staying with and helping her parents who have pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, my niece’s immediate manager did not believe in wearing a mask. The manager took to heart the President’s reminders that wearing a mask is voluntary.

You guessed it. The manager came to work exhibiting cold symptoms and walked around the building without a mask. After the manager lost her sense of taste and smell this week, she got a COVID-19 test that returned a positive result. Her thoughtless action in failing to wear a mask and distance herself from others has needlessly endangered her company’s bottom line, her co-workers’ health, and my family! My niece is awaiting the results of her COVID-19 test, so in the meantime, we worry about her and our vulnerable relatives.

Yes, consistent, logical, informed leadership matters. People across this great country observe and model the behavior of the President. Our President publicly refuses to wear a mask and ridicules those who do so. This helps to spread a dangerous virus that threatens this country’s economy and the health and welfare of our people. When we make our choice for national leadership in November, let’s choose a thoughtful, careful individual who listens to the experts and follows through on that advice.

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