Did You Know – June 2023

by | May 31, 2023 | Information, Newsletters

Sandoval County has an interesting and unique history.  Here are some interesting facts about our county.

  • Sandoval County has been a government entity since 1903. It was carved out of Bernalillo County.
  • The name “Sandoval” comes from one of the large land holding Spanish families.
  • It is home to 12 of NM’s 19 pueblos.
  • The County comprises 3,714 square miles, which makes it #18 in size within NM.
  • It is the 3rd largest county by population, behind Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties.
  • It’s density of 42 people per square mile makes it the 5th most dense in the state.
  • It is the fastest growing county in New Mexico.
  • Sandoval County’s GDP of $3,817M ranks 7th in New Mexico.
  • In 2021, the County’s Per Capita Income (PCI) of $44,807 ranked 8th in the state. PCI grew by 25% in the decade from 2011-21, ranking it 13th in growth.
  • The real average earnings by job in 2021 within the County was $42,194, ranking 14th in the state. Earnings from 2011-2021 grew by just over 2%, ranking its growth rate 22nd in the state.


Is Sandoval County destined to be a “bedroom community” for Bernalillo County forever (with an overabundance of fast food restaurants, drive-though coffee shops, and car washes)?  Our beloved county could sure use some economic development with clean industries/businesses with high paying jobs.  While the county’s PCI is relativity high, it ‘s growth rate is NOT keeping up with it ‘s current ranking.  The same is true for the real average earnings by job.

One employment category that could expand in the county is that of “professional and business services”.  Jobs that require higher order thinking skills would be welcome additions to Sandoval County.

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