DPNM Celebrates One of the President’s Key Accomplishments

by | Nov 30, 2023 | News and Interviews, Newsletters

November 15th, marked the two-year anniversary of President Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the Democratic Party of New Mexico is celebrating one of the President’s most historic accomplishments and the jobs and infrastructure improvements it has brought to New Mexico.

“From new jobs to new roads, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law continues to rebuild New Mexico from the bottom up and the middle out,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “This anniversary underscores how important it is that we reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris so they can continue to deliver and finish the job. Meanwhile, MAGA Republicans want to roll back these historic investments and give tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy. Where Trump failed on infrastructure, President Biden delivered.”

To date, $4.3 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding has been announced and is headed to New Mexico with over 337 specific projects identified for funding, all of which are creating good-paying jobs and building the economy. Since the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed, approximately $2 billion has been announced for transportation – to invest in roads, bridges, public transit, and airports – and roughly $710 million has been announced for clean water and water infrastructure here in our state. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has already rebuilt roads and bridges, renewed transportation programs, improved clean drinking water infrastructure, provided affordable access to the Internet, and more.

Some benefits the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is bringing to New Mexico include: 

  • $675.4 million to connect everyone in the state to reliable high-speed Internet. More than 173,000 New Mexico households are already saving on their monthly Internet bill.
  • An expected approximately $2.8 billion over five years in federal funding for highways and bridges.
  • $710 million to provide clean and safe water across the state and improve water infrastructure.
  • An expected $379 million over five years to improve public transit.
  • Through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program alone, an expected $38 million over five years for the expansion of electric vehicle charging.
  • $362.3 million has been allocated for infrastructure resilience.
  • $52.4 million has been allocated for capping orphaned oil and gas wells and reclaiming abandoned mine lands and $20.7 million has been allocated to cleaning up brownfield sites.
  • $74.9 million has been allocated for clean energy, energy efficiency, and power.
  • To date, New Mexico has received approximately $50.1 million for airports.

Just some of the local projects supported by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law here in New Mexico include:

  • $8 million to the Cimarron Watershed Alliance Inc to reduce wildfire risk and protect homes and structures.
  • $160 million to support the completion of the Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System pipeline.
  • $18 million to the City of Albuquerque to buy battery-electric buses and charging equipment.
  • $45 million to Doña Ana County to develop an approximately six-mile, four-lane, highway connecting the Santa Teresa Port of Entry with State Road 273 in Sunland Park.

By reaching communities all across New Mexico – including rural communities and historically underserved populations – the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law makes critical investments that will improve lives for New Mexicans.

Excerpted from the DPNM webpage.

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