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by | Feb 26, 2023 | Elections

Sandoval County Democrats, it is time for our County party elections! This is a great opportunity for all of us to get more involved with our local Party. The Precinct and Ward elections are open to all Democrats who have registered to vote at least 30 day prior to these meetings. Therefore, we encourage as many people as possible to attend and vote in these elections. Each of these Ward meetings will be held to elect the leaders of your specific Precinct and Ward, so it is important that you attend. These meetings will be held on March 11, 12, and 18 via zoom. If you are unsure about which precinct you live in, this is not a problem.

Simply go to the link https://voterportal.servis.sos.state.nm.us/WhereToVote.aspx  to find your precinct. Once you have found your precinct, the easiest way to find the Ward you live in is to simply follow the link https://rb.gy/bw9hfi.

The Events Calendar on the DPSC website lists the specific dates and times for each of the Ward elections. Additionally, each Ward will also elect County Central Committee (CCC) members. One reason these elections are important is that on March 25 the CCC members will meet to elect the Democratic Party of Sandoval County leaders including the Chair, Vice-Chairs as well as the State Central Committee (SCC) members.  The following month (April 22nd) the SCC meeting will be held to elect the officers of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. So these meetings and elections are important.

You will need to register for these meetings at the following website https://forms.gle/GYwz5NHrHGL4iJyn8. Be sure to register as soon as possible as our credentialing team will need time to vet people who plan on attending these meetings. As I stated above, any Democrat who is registered to vote 30 days prior to these meetings are eligible to attend and vote.

It should be obvious why we need as many people as possible to attend these online Precinct/Ward and CCC meetings. These elections will shape our local and to some extent our State Party leadership. Therefore, I am asking you to consider not only to attend and vote but to volunteer to run for these positions. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. To obtain this goal we need to engage as many people as we can to help make our party stronger. The more voices we have the better chance we have of obtaining our principal goal which is to have Sandoval County run by Democrats who listen and work to make this County a better place to live for everyone. So please save these dates and plan to attend, vote and become engaged in your local Party.

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Greg Bennett

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