Election Fraud effort lacks credibility

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Editorials and Opinions

The following letter was sent to the editor of the Rio Rancho Observer, and the paper has failed to print it. Therefore, the letter is being published here to let Sandoval County Democrats know that the allegations of election fraud are unfounded.

Dear Editor,

After reading Kevin Hendricks’ coverage of John Veltri and the “New Mexico election transparency network” in the March 14 online issue of the (Rio Rancho Observer) paper, I wondered why the article qualifies as “News.” The article does not state where Veltri came from or who funds his network. All we know from the article is that Veltri “relocated in New Mexico” from somewhere.

The article states that if anyone has gone to a Sandoval County commission meeting in the past year, the person has seen or heard from john Veltri. That may be true. I attended a meeting during the last election cycle and I heard john Veltri speak. I also heard nine or ten citizens object to Veltri’s message and specifically request that the County commissioners not fall under Veltri’s spell. Hendricks fails to cover the public opposition to Veltri.

Hendricks states: “in 2020 … Veltri began questioning the election process.” There is no information as to what started Veltri’s questioning.

I remember 2020. There was a candidate for president who stated prior to the election that if he did not win, that would mean there was fraud. Hendricks, not quoting Veltri, stated, “the 2020 presidential election … was shrouded in claims of election fraud.” If it were a news article, Hendricks would have stated the source of the shroud and whether such claims were founded or unfounded. In fact, the claims were proved to be unfounded in sixty court cases.

Veltri’s grounds for action are vague: “I really started to see some things happening.” The “things” are not stated. The “media put a lot of stuff out there.” The “stuff” is not described. “i had questions in my mind.” The “questions” are not stated. “something didn’t seem right to me.” The “something” is not described. There were “things we saw that didn’t look right.” Again, the “things” are not stated. Not one example of actual fraud is provided.

From beginning to end, Hendricks refers to Veltri’s desire to “do right.” But when Veltri does “right,” he does what the right wing wants him to do – make it more difficult for the majority of New Mexicans to vote. If Veltri were to do what is morally right, he would support our country’s great attempt at democracy, specifically, government of, by, and for the people.

Sandoval County commissioners should stop their work to make Sandoval County “unique” by allowing Veltri to interact with them “the way that no other County has allowed in the state.” What do the other counties see that the majority of our commissioners do not?

June Edmondson Anglin
Rio Rancho

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