From the County Chair – August 2023

by | Jul 29, 2023 | Message from the Chair, Newsletters

Hello Democrats!

The 4th of July Parades, one in the Village of Corrales and one in the City of Rio Rancho, were a huge success.  We had the biggest, most elaborate and beautiful birthday cake float of any other organization in either parade.  The masterpiece float was created by Maggie and Ray Burgess.  There was a three-tier cake with “Happy Birthday,” and “Vote” emblazoned upon it.  There were at least a dozen flags, a mannequin dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform, and a bench with a handle for passengers.  At press, the Burgesses are working on the revamp for the Sandoval County Fair Parade.  If you would like to help out DPSC, we are in need of candy to toss to the kiddoes.

Ray Burgess, Alex Piland, & Maggie Burgess

So far in July DPSC had an informational booth at Sandia Pueblo Feast, Cochiti Pueblo Feast, and the Santa Ana Pueblo Feast.  We personed the booth from before nine to four or five in the afternoon. We handed out water and DPSC stickers, signed up people for our newsletter, and were very well-received.  Many people thanked us for being there and told us that our presence was appreciated.  As you all know, every county-wide, elected official in Sandoval is a Democrat, and I know that is because the Pueblos turn-out and vote blue in every election, so we will continue to show our appreciation for all of the upcoming feasts.

Do you know the old Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times?”  Well, this month we are living in interesting times. 

On July 7th I received an email from our landlord that they are opting to terminate our lease.  They graciously gave us until August 31st to quit the premises which is almost a full two months.   We have taken inventory and are actively seeking a new office. However, if we do not find a suitable option by September 1st, we will store our party’s belongings until we find a place.

Our events will continue as always.  We will hold First Friday at the Range, Second Saturday at M’Tucci’s, and the last Saturday of the month we will continue to meet at Oval Dogs Coffee at our soon-to-be old headquarters.  I have discussed our situation with Danial, the owner of Oval Dogs, and he has agreed to allow us to have the Coffee Klatch and enjoy his coffee.  We will meet there through October.  Stay tuned and always check our events calendar on our website

We have some exciting news from the Democratic Party of New Mexico.  They have data on democrats that are not yet registered in our county.  We will be having monthly canvassing goals to help register more democrats.  Please consider giving us a couple of hours once or twice a month as we will be asking for canvassers beginning in August (after the heatwave – I hope)!

Have you seen our Keep Sandoval Blue flyer yet?  We are hoping all Democrats in our county will be able to help us raise funds for the next election cycle.  We know we will need to work harder than ever to get people to turn out to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot.  Please consider donating and attending our major fund raising event on Sunday, August 13th from 3 to 5:00 with the amazing United States Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury.  Please consider attending and donating at this link.

Thank you for all you do to move the Democratic Party of Sandoval County Forward!

Stay strong!

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