From the County Chair – Democrats Deliver for New Mexico!

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Message from the Chair

By Alex Piland, Chair, DPSC

At press, we have a scant 69 days until the election. It’s time for Democrats in Sandoval County, New Mexico, and the United States to tell people loud and proud about all we’ve accomplished due to the hard work and dedication to the democratic values of our elected officials!

We have seen secure elections thanks to our hard-working county clerk and deputy clerk. Our state land commissioner has brought in over $3 BILLION in revenues for our state. Our governor has successfully seen us through a pandemic, lowered insulin costs, signed a bill for free college tuition for all New Mexicans, and ushered in an unemployment rate New Mexicans haven’t seen in over 15 years! I could go on and on about all that DEMOCRATS have accomplished!

I hate to brag, but . . . we have an amazing slate of quality candidates up and down the ballot who will work hard for all New Mexicans. All we have to do is elect them.

If we each pledged 3 or 4 hours a week (or more) to helping elect Democrats, we can and will win.

We turn out for canvassing every Saturday morning at 9:00 am. If you can’t canvass on a Saturday, we can set you up to canvass during the week.

We also need people to make phone calls. This is so much easier than it once was. We don’t have to cram into a room and try to hear as other people call around us! You can bring up the phone bank on your computer at home, dial a number to connect your phone, and, voilà! your computer will anonymously call people.

When Democrats vote, EVERYBODY WINS! Let’s work together to make sure that Democrats win on November 8!

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