From the County Chair: Support our stellar candidates!

by | May 10, 2022 | Message from the Chair

Have you spoken with any of our stellar candidates yet? If not, please reach out to them or attend one of their events. (See the events tab at

Sandoval County Commission District 1 has incumbent Katherine Bruch running for her second term. Click here for her website.

The candidate for the Sandoval County Commission District 3 seat is Greg Bennett. Click here for Greg’s website.

The House District 23 candidate is Ramon “Swoops” Montaño. House District 44 has Kathleen Cates working hard to keep Daymon Ely’s district. Click here for her website.

Michelle Sandoval is running for House District 57; her website is forthcoming.

The Democratic candidate for Sandoval County Sheriff is Jesse James Casuas, and he is the incumbent. His website is in production.

“Listen!” Linda P. Gallegos is the Sandoval County Assessor, and she is the incumbent. Her website is in production.

We have a contested race for Sandoval County Probate Judge. Probate Attorney Edward Lovato is running. His website is here. Charles Aguilar, Jr. is also running. His website is in production.

The Sandoval County Magistrate Judge race is also contested. Current Sandoval County Commissioner F. Kenneth Eichwald has entered the race as has Benito Aragon. Neither Sandoval County Magistrate Judge candidates has a website posted at this time.

Many people have wondered what would happen to Eichwald’s seat on the county commission if he were to win. In this case, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham would appoint someone for the remainder of Commissioner Eichwald’s term.

Why am I telling you all this now? Because they ALL need YOUR help. It is impossible for any one candidate to walk their entire district, so assisting one or more (or all) of our stellar candidates by canvassing would be an incredible help. Phone banking and texting will be happening soon, too. If you can’t do any of those things, maybe you could drive, or schedule volunteers? Perhaps you know others who might help?

All candidates need financial help. Republican candidates are supported by deep pockets, many times from outside of New Mexico, so donating money can help candidates get lawn signs, walk cards, or pay for postage and other expenses. Literally anything will help.

If you are interested in helping candidates without a website, email me at chair@sandovaldemocrats. org, and I will get you connected with the candidate of your choice!

On a final note, please keep your eyes peeled regarding the lawsuit against the Sandoval County Commission for the illegal gerrymander- ing. In addition to our party, private citizens and elected officials are party to the suit. We are confident that we will prevail.


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