From the County Chair – The Election Cycle Is Here, And It Will Take All of Us to Win

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Message from the Chair

By Alex Piland, Chair, DPSC

Our amazing CD-1 U.S. Representative Melanie Stansbury will be in La Entrada Park on August 1 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. along with Sandoval County Commissioner Kathy Bruch and candidate for House District 44, Kathleen Cates. It would be great if you could attend and get to know the people who represent (or will be representing) you! All are welcome.

DPSC’s Ward C had a phenomenal rally at Cochiti Lake on July 29. In addition to tribal officials, some wonderful candidates turned out, and there was food and great music.

We are still looking for ward and precinct chairs. If you do not feel ready to take on this task alone, is there a friend, neighbor, or loved one who could team up with you? If you are interested in becoming a ward or precinct chair, consider filling these most important organizing positions as a team. Please email me at chair@sandoval to talk about how you can help us elect more county Democrats.

Thank you to everyone who attended the DPSC office opening celebration! Over 50 people attended. We had Wi-Fi issues and were not able to view the movie, Slay the Dragon, but if you have Amazon, you can watch it free.

If you don’t have Amazon, here is one of my favorite short films that I hope you will enjoy instead: I promise it’s worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch!

Our office hours are limited right now. We have DPSC volunteers covering Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon and from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Those are great times to drop in and pick up our “Sandoval Dems – Your Vote – Your Voice” signs. We are asking for a minimum $10 donation to cover the cost of the signs.

We will also have “Roe-Roe-Roe Your Vote” T’s for $15. Those are going quickly. We haven’t even received them from the printer yet, and we have sold many! But don’t wait to come by. Right now, we have too many signs and not enough space, so getting a sign will help a lot!

Hailey Fortin, the Sandoval County field organizer for the Coordinated Campaign, has begun sending out volunteers to canvass in Sandoval County. I know it’s hot, but there is so much at stake in this election and no time to waste. If you can canvass, please contact Hailey at

While canvassing remains the best way to get voters to the polls, phone banking is effective, too, and we are also looking for volunteers to phone bank. We can help you set up phone banking from your very own computer, so if you are not keen to canvass right now, please consider calling people from home. It’s easy, cool, and COVID-safe.

Early voting begins at the County Clerk’s office on October 11 and expanded early voting begins on October 20. (Watch for an early-voting kick-off in Bernalillo!) The election cycle is here, and it will take all of us to win.

Please remember that First Friday is cancelled for the months of August and September, and Second Saturday is cancelled for August only. As always, watch our event calendar for event updates.

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