Gimme Some Truth – Michelle Sandoval Will Be a Voice for Young Voters

by | Sep 3, 2022 | News and Interviews

By Michelle Sandoval, Candidate for New Mexico House District 57, as told to June Anglin Chair, Precinct 146, DPSC

Michelle Sandoval is the Democratic Party candidate for New Mexico House District 57. A native New Mexican, she has a BS from the University of New Mexico and is currently working to complete a master’s degree. In her work life, Michelle worked for Bank of the West for four years and then for the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office. She is currently employed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Michelle is committed to her community and is a volunteer for many charitable efforts. She is a young, smart, energetic woman who wants to serve her community and be a part of decision-making at the state level. We enjoyed meeting with her on a sunny morning in Corrales.

When did your interest in government begin and what is it that ignited your interest?

I have been an active volunteer in the community since I was 15 or 16 years old. I volunteer with Junior Achievement, Watermelon Ranch, Balloon Fiesta, and more. In my work with Sandoval County, I helped analyze New Mexico statutes for the county treasurer’s office and for the Association of County Treasurers. I was inspired by these office holders who were working to help their constituents, and I realized that being an elected official is a great way to serve the public.

What are your insights about youth involvement in New Mexico politics?

This is so important. Information about government should be made available to children from grade school level on. There should be regular field trips to the Roundhouse. We need to create internships, fellowships, and jobs at the city and county levels to help the youth participate in politics. Young people need to know that if they don’t vote and don’t fight for their rights, then someone else is making their choices for them.

If elected, what will your priorities be?

Public safety and public health, hand in hand, are priorities. Albuquerque crime comes into Rio Rancho. When offenders are released from time in jail, there is no behavioral health follow-up or support for addiction and other mental illnesses. If untreated, these illnesses can result in crime and a return to jail. If we fail to fund behavioral health programs as a part of public health, we are running a catch and release program that endangers public safety.

Education is a priority. Our children and young adults need to be taught financial literacy and civics. This will benefit future generations. Also, we need to budget to support our classrooms. Teachers should not have to supply their classroom’s needs.

The environment is a priority. We owe our due diligence to protect and conserve this beautiful state. In New Mexico, we depend upon oil and gas. But pursuant to five, ten, and twenty year plans, we need to develop alternative sources. We need to fund solar, wind, and nuclear energy sources.

What can you share so we will know you better?

 I love New Mexico and its people. I had to fight for this chance to run for office. If elected, I will continue to fight for New Mexico and its people. I will be accessible and will work hard to make sure that we resolve issues cohesively— today, tomorrow, and years from now.

The Michelle Sandoval Campaign needs help canvassing, soliciting donations, and getting out the vote.

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