Republican’s Redistricting Consultant Insults Public Commenters

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Redistricting

Media Release
Democratic Party of Sandoval County
For Immediate Release Nov. 19, 2021  

On November 18, the Sandoval County Commission meeting presented a shameful performance by the Republicans.  Their redistricting “expert” presented four different plans, all of which were negatively received by the county residents in attendance, and then he insulted and demeaned the speakers who had commented.   

Subsequently, Rod Adair, a former Republican state senator and consultant who heads New Mexico Demographic Research, engaged in confrontational discussions with residents and used profanity in at least one exchange.  He lectured a Native American leader in attendance, telling him that, in effect, only he – Mr. Adair – knew what was best for Native Americans, because it had been his way for thirty years

The Chair of the Commission, Dave Heil, compounded the insults by publicly attacking a sitting commissioner and grilling a resident of Sandoval County who submitted much more equitable maps to counter those created by Mr. Adair.  Both Mr. Adair and Chair Heil found Isaac Chavez’s maps unacceptable because the maps, in Heil’s words, “failed to consider the districts of sitting commissioners,” when the remedy could have been made by simply renaming the districts on Mr. Chavez’s Fair Districting Maps.   

“We demand that Commissioner Heil immediately terminate the contract with Mr. Adair. Further, we call on Mr. Adair to publicly apologize to the residents of Sandoval County, especially to the Native American residents of the County.  This type of bad behavior cannot be tolerated,” said Alexandria Piland, chair of the Democratic Party of Sandoval County. 

If Mr. Adair’s contract is not immediately terminated, then Republicans on the County Commission show a lack respect for the residents of Sandoval County.  Shameful behavior must not be rewarded by more shameful behavior. 

The proposed maps for redistricting and online comments are available on the Sandoval County website at The video of the meeting is not yet posted. The agenda for the meeting is available at

Contact: Alexandria Piland, Chair, Democratic Party of Sandoval County                   

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