How FAR Can We Go?

by | May 10, 2021 | Editorials and Opinions

The Special Election campaign in Congressional District 1 (CD1) is going full speed toward June 1—regular voting day. Early voting has already begun! Time is running out to get solid, factual information regarding candidates in order to make a positive choice for New Mexico & the U.S. Congress.

Both Melanie Stansbury & Mark Moores are airing TV ads, hoping they can win your vote. It’s up to you, CD1 voters, to choose the right person to go represent our state and fill the U.S. Congressional seat vacated by Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland.

I wonder who SHE would choose? Who believes in the same New Mexican values & traditions that Haaland holds? Let’s look at a few voting records and important issues that concern us: ending childhood hunger, improving infrastructure (example: roads), COVID 19 help, and American Recovery Act. The list goes on and on. By going to each candidate’s website, you will find the answers. Support or opposition. In local media you will find one candidate is ready to discuss issues, while another hides from the local press.

In a recent debate on KOB, Moores continued to lie about Stansbury’s legislative record regarding her voting record on policing and police funding. He refused to answer questions about his financial dealings. In fact, he missed the May 3 deadline to file his financial disclosures, thus not complying with Campaign Financial Law.

How FAR will each candidate take New Mexico in the months & years ahead? How FAR will lies & fear tactics take us & our nation? How FAR will you go to get truth in leadership?

Information about early voting sites is at your county’s website. Please do your due diligence as a voter. Make a wise decision. Get out & vote for the best CD1 candidate. Your vote will go FAR for the future of our state and our Great Nation.

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