Jan Marfyak – Why I am a Democrat

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Why I am a Democrat

I’ve been an active Democrat since I was 18, and even before that. I’ve taken an active part in elections since working in Stevenson’s campaign for President way back when.

I am what you might call a stick in your eye Liberal.  Nice is not part of my vocabulary.  The Democratic Party stands for the forgotten man, for the poor, for minorities. It is a party of compassion and decency.

It believes in the Constitution and stands for civil liberties as do I. And it adheres and defends the work of FDR, Truman, Jack Kennedy (and Bobby) and Obama. We need to preserve our legacy by working to rid ourselves of Trump and all he stands for.


Vote New Mexico Blue. Go Joe Biden!
Jan Marfyak is an active Sandoval County Democrat.

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