Karen Schafer – Why I am a Democrat

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Why I am a Democrat

Actually, there are four things in my life that inspired me to be a Democrat and then confirmed my commitment.

1) I joined the Young Democrats in college and found the meetings and participants interesting and fun.  Then came JFK’s presidential campaign.  It was my first time to vote and I liked what he said.

2) In the 70’s I spent a good portion of several years working to support the Equal Rights Amendment in Missouri.  Almost all the state legislators who supported it were Democrats.  That solidified my commitment.

3) Support for the ERA led me to work hard on Jimmy Carter’s campaign which led to a private tour of the White House and eventually my selection as Executive Director  and then Chair of the Democrat Party in Missouri.  By that time, I was a “yellow dog Democrat.” All that doesn’t really explain my commitment to the Party.  It is quite simple.

4) Democrats work hard for and believe in the same kinds of social issues and programs that are very important to me.  I believe that it is the responsibility of each person to try to help their fellow citizens at least in some small way.

Delbert, my husband, and I have raised two Democrat sons who married Democrats.  Now I am starting to work on my grandsons.

My support for Democrats comes with the hope that working together we can solve some of the critical problems our nation faces and that have been made worse by the current administration.

Karen Schafer lives in Rio Rancho and serves as Chair of Precinct 36 and as treasurer of the Sandoval County Federation of Democratic Women.

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