Letter Smearing Democrats Was Misleading

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Editorials and Opinions

Published on November 14, 2021 in the Rio Rancho Observer

The letter of Charles Sullivan of Albuquerque in the Rio Rancho Observer of Nov. 7, 2021, disappoints.

Some of the presented “facts” have some basis; some have some basis but are used misleadingly; some are simply opinions. For example, in choosing to blame Democrats for all modern ills, the writer chooses 1930 as his benchmark for counts and comparisons. Why 1930?

It may be because the Republicans had a rip-roaring ride through the early 1900s, the bright years of easy wealth for the wealthy, with Republicans holding the New Mexico House 1912-22 and 1927-30, the New Mexico Senate from 1912-32, and the New Mexico governor’s seat from 1917-23 and 1927-30.

Then there was the crash and the depression. We think about the Wall Street managers who tragically committed suicide, but the unnecessary deaths among the middle class and the poor also were tragic, and exponentially so.

In the 24 years prior to our current governor’s term beginning in January 2019, New Mexican voters chose Republican governors for 16 of those years — that’s 67 percent of the time. It appears the leadership at the top did not have long coattails.

But why not? It could be the lack of any coherent agenda beyond lowering taxes for the rich.

What stands out in Sullivan’s blame letter is the childish false logic. Just as children blame their parents for everything, Sullivan blames the Democrats. He would be better off asking, “Why haven’t Republicans and Independents stepped up to the plate in the years since 1930 with compelling solutions to societal problems?”

Sullivan blames Democrats just as a woman could blame men. It is true that most people in political power since 1930 have been male, and therefore, in Sullivan’s book, worthy of blame.

But where does that get us? The argument cannot truly support any female candidate unless she also can inspire the electorate with constructive solutions to the problems that face us.

Blame based on cherry-picked facts and disguised opinion is not a compelling argument in favor of or against anything.

June E. Anglin Rio Rancho


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