Liberty and Justice

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Editorials and Opinions, Newsletters

by Flora Lucero, Chair of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all. Francis Bellamy, The Youth’s Companion, September 8, 1892

In a ward meeting this past weekend, an officer with the American Federation of Teachers New Mexico (AFT NM) talked about Moms for Liberty (see “Keep the Culture War Out of NM Classrooms”). Someone from the audience cautioned that anytime you hear “liberty,” you need to watch out. The word has been co-opted by groups of people who are not particularly concerned with inalienable rights, and the idea of “Justice for all” isn’t part of their mission, vision or values. Fortunately, critical thinking was taught and encouraged before today’s culture war began!

We only have to read headlines about Florida to see where the battles of the culture war are being fought. Limiting access to information and controlling thinking are precursors to despotic regimes. With calculated precision, Florida’s governor is dismantling access to objective historical facts (What DeSantis is doing to Florida schools, explained – Vox). From their inception, Moms for Liberty (M4L) have been ardent vocal supporters of his takedown of public education. M4L now has a chapter in Bernalillo County where the founder actively helped elect members to the Albuquerque Public School Board. The war on critical thinking is at our doorstep, and you and I can and must stop its incursion by preventing the takeover of public education.

This November, three APS School Board districts are up for election. Please join me in working to seat members who represent Democratic values on that board. We have benefitted from freely accessing information and education. We were entrusted with knowledge and we have used it for good. The work does not stop there. Let’s make sure future generations have the same access. Let’s pledge allegiance to a Nation with Liberty and Justice for all.

We are building the bridge to a more just, equitable, and inclusive democracy as we cross it.

Yours in service and with gratitude,


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