Looking to Our Party’s Future

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Editorials and Opinions

Young leader offers pride and hope to Democrats

By Jaden Chavez, Freshman, Political Science Major, UNM

The world is used to telling people like me that our passions, priorities, and proposals don’t matter—or what’s almost worse, that they can simply wait. After all, you’re only 18. What could you know? Let the professionals handle this.

We, the youth, full of energy and ideas, are cast aside for the more seasoned pros.

But there is a place where we can feel heard. And more than that, where we can be leaders and stewards of change. And that place is the Democratic Party.

Youth have led the charge against climate change.

Students have taken the fight to the feet of the NRA when politicians in Washington failed repeatedly to act on the violence tearing apart our schools. And we, the young passionate progressives, have stood strong in the face of riot police and tear gas, and endured the threats and curses of counter protestors as we lead the battle for racial justice. The Democratic party is the party of the people and the party of progress.

Devastated that I was too young to vote in the 2020 election, I seized at the opportunity to cast my first ever ballot for now Rep.

Melanie Stansbury in the special election. I have since worked for two different campaigns and attended the 2022 New Mexico Democratic Pre-Primary Convention as a delegate.

It was here, at my first ever convention, in Republican-red Roswell, that I had the opportunity to support New Mexico’s uncontested candidates and cast my vote for Sandoval County’s own Laura Montoya for State Treasurer, Governor Grisham’s handpicked State Ombudsman Zack Quintero for State Auditor, and widely endorsed State Auditor Brian Colón for Attorney General.

Many things changed after COVID, but it’s clear that New Mexico’s Democrats are as passionate as ever. Under Democratic leadership, New Mexico gained national attention for a COVID response that put science and safety first. We added jobs to the economy and have proved once again that Democrats deliver.

At March’s convention I witnessed firsthand a group of talented leaders proudly inspire. Watch out, because New Mexican Dems are fired up and together, we’ll take back CD-2 and keep New Mexico blue!

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