Native American Democratic Caucus Gets Out the Vote

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Elections, IMPORTANT

Gu Wa Tse How Ba (Hello Everyone).  My name is Aleta “Tweety” Paisano-Suazo (Acoma/Laguna) and I am the Chair of the Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico (NADCNM).

NADCNM’s Mission is to is to proactively institutionalize inclusion, engagement, and mobilization of Native communities and voters.  NADCNM envisions a political landscape where our communities and constituents living on and off tribal lands are engaged, represented, and empowered.

NADCNM proudly assisted in New Mexico’s GOTV efforts during the Primary and General Elections by working in collaboration with other native and non-native partners to secure the Democratic vote in our native New Mexico communities.

NADCNM worked with: Empower the Vote, NM Federation of Democratic Women, Democratic Party of Cibola County & Indigenous Women Rising, to assist the Pam Cordova Campaign to distribute Children’s Art bags to the native communities of Laguna, Acoma, Zuni & Alamo.

NADCNM made calls to assist in the Pam Cordova & Brenda McKenna Campaigns for NM Senate.

NADCNM also worked with the Laguna & Zuni Census Efforts by getting voting information out to the public.

Two virtual events were planned.  The Miguel Trujillo Day Celebration, which was held live on Facebook had 1,800 hits, 5-6 watch parties and 900+ individuals watching the event.  NADCNM was also part of the Indigenous People’s Day Event (in collaboration with DPNM).  The theme “Make a Plan to Vote!” provided candidates the opportunity to address the native community.

NADCNM worked with the Sandoval County Democrats Postcard Campaign and sent postcards to the tribal communities of Cochiti, Jemez, Kewa, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Counselor, Ojo Encino & Torreon.

The success of the identification and distribution of the postcard campaign in Sandoval Co. prompted the development of the Native Postcard Campaign in CD#2 (in collaboration with DPNM) and sent postcards to the tribal communities of Isleta, Laguna, Acoma, Zuni, Alamo, Ramah, Mescalero & Ft. Sill.

NADCNM worked with: Empower the Vote, Democratic Party of Cibola Co. & My Native Sister’ Fire on the “Empower the Vote!” Campaign encouraging native women to vote and to receive a mask in the process.

NADCNM made weekly phone calls to voters in swing states in collaboration with the DNC Native Caucus “Indian Country for Biden Weekly Phone Bank”.

NADCNM’s final effort (in collaboration with DPNM) was in the assembly and distribution of Voting PPE Kits to the native communities of Acoma, Laguna, Zuni, Kewa, Jemez, Ramah, Thoreau, Crownpoint & Tohachi.

NADCNM priorities are to 1. increase membership, 2. increase communication to tribal communities, 3. increase involvement in the political process by identifying individuals to mentor, and 4. increase tribal youth education and involvement in the political process.

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