State Senator Brandt is Out of Step with his Constituents

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Editorials and Opinions

From the Rio Rancho Observer – April 4, 2021

Last week’s Observer provided a valuable service by publishing two opinion pieces and a feature article asking lawmakers of both parties to briefly share their views on the recent legislative session and their hopes for next year’s 30-day session.

The Democratic legislators highlighted the session’s accomplishments in areas of significant need for Sandoval County and New Mexico, including education, health, and small business.

These Democratic lawmakers are looking forward to the next 30-day session with the goals of curbing predatory lending, promoting health, and accomplishing tax reform.

But what positive achievements did State Senator Craig Brandt (R-Rio Rancho) choose to focus on? None.

He cited no accomplishments that would further the well-being of Sandoval County residents or businesses. Rather, he boasted of the pride he took in working to kill as many bills as possible.

And what is Brandt looking forward to in the next 30-day session? Not much.

Instead, he used his limited space to inflame division by promulgating the lie that Democrats want to take away your guns.

Although Brandt is out of step with the needs of his constituents, this obstructionist senator ran unopposed in the last election. It’s time for District 40 to elect a lawmaker who places our well-being and that of the vast majority of New Mexicans front and center.

Judith Gordon, Bernalillo

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