The Governor’s Many Accomplishments

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Editorials and Opinions

Published on November 14, 2021 in the Rio Rancho Observer

For a variety of historic and geographic reasons, New Mexico struggles to overcome a legacy of poverty, lagging educational achievement and sluggish economic growth.

Last week’s letter to the editor by Charles Sullivan blaming Democrats for these longstanding problems was woefully ill informed and blatantly misleading.

Sullivan offered abundant blame but no solutions because Republicans have absolutely no policies to address the issues he raised. They have no concern for the middle class and working people. They only seek to exploit the state’s natural resources to increase their private wealth, cut taxes indiscriminately and undermine public education.

Their anti-immigrant policy deserves mention only because it is so odious.
In reality, New Mexico has made remarkable progress under our Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. Working with our Democratic state legislature, here are just a few of our governor’s accomplishments:

  • A substantially improved public education system through a $1 billion investment and the highest graduation rate in the state’s history. College and career training are now financially accessible to all New Mexicans.
  • Improved economic security for New Mexico’s middle class and workers, including middle class tax cuts, an increased minimum wage and paid sick leave for all workers.
  • A growing economy with new companies moving to our state and increased investments from established companies. New Mexico saw unprecedented job growth in 2019, before COVID-19.
  • More accessible and affordable health care, including reduced insurance and prescription drug costs and a cap on monthly insulin co-payments. The state’s vital behavioral health system, which the previous Republican administration demolished, is now being rebuilt.
  • Establishing New Mexico as a national leader on climate change and protecting our air, land and water. New Mexico has the most stringent greenhouse and methane requirements in the country and has become a national leader in job-creating renewable energy.

New Mexico’s Democratic Party fights every day for a better, fairer and brighter future for everyone. If only Republicans would do the same. Demonizing Democrats does nothing to improve anyone’s wellbeing. Gov. Lujan Grisham and our Democratic state legislature deserve high praise for a job well done on behalf of us all.

Alexandria Piland
Chairwoman, Democratic Party of Sandoval County 
Rio Rancho

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